A Business with Heart

At Trinity Capital International, we believe that business and corporations play a key role in society. As a family office, we seek to contribute in different ways to our society. That is the reason why, we are constantly looking for spaces and opportunities to add value to some social projects. In Colombia, we support the Business Advisory Council of Maloka, an interactive cultural center in Bogota. Next, we highlight the text published by Maloka, passion for learning.

A business with heart, always attract the best ones

The Maloka Business Advisory Council was born as an initiative created by actors committed to social transformation. Omar González Pardo, President of Oportunidad Colombia Inversiones – and founder of Trinity Capital and Trinity Capital International – is the CEAM – MALOKA pioneer.

“A team made up of leaders from the business world, which contributes significantly to the institutional and economic strengthening of the organization, committed to long-term development and sustainability”, says CEAM – MALOKA

Today, there are over 50 entrepreneurs connected, working to generate ideas, establish new relationships, and get ready for the future. Being an active actor in all the surrounding scenarios is a key element to be recognized as an ideal ally to meet the global goals. Carrying out coordinated actions with social and business leaders will always generate higher returns for everyone.

Being a pioneer, innovator, and, especially, leader  

Knowledge is co-generated. The construction of scenarios benefits the participating entities in a relevant way, keeping them updated and making them part of the government decision making process. Maloka participates in tables, national and international work teams.

Taken from: Maloka, passion for learning.

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