Trinity Capital International –TCI

Our story, our values and our vision.

Family Office

Trinity Capital International (TCI) is a Canadian family office that invests in innovation and entrepreneurship. We invest in profitable and sustainable business ideas adding value to our portfolio, contributing to the community and promoting job creation.

Corporate Governance

We have established a Corporate Governance system that promotes transparency, good practices and responsible behavior among everyone taking part in Trinity Capital International. Our decision-making processes are guided by the rules, principles, and procedures established by this system. Based on our Corporate Governance, we establish all our relationships with all parties involved in our investment decisions and our daily work. In this way, Trinity Capital International adds value to the economy and its portfolio.

We strongly believe that only with solid corporate governance it is possible to achieve sustainable growth to our organization through economic and legal security.

Our Three Pillars

Trinity Capital International’s corporate governance and investment criteria are based on three pillars: innovation, sustainability, and people.


We conceive innovation as the basic element to adapt to changing business dynamics and respond to the new society needs.


We understand sustainability as the ability to create business ideas that will last, add value to society, the economy, and protect the environment.


We believe in people as the key factor for business success. We seek to connect with entrepreneurs who, in addition to passion and good ideas, add value to our company and our portfolio.

Our Story

Founded in 2017 in St. Catharines (Ontario), Trinity Capital International (TCI) was born as a subsidiary of Trinity Capital, a Colombian business group created in 2007, which has investments in five strategic sectors of the economy. Through its portfolio, Trinity Capital generates over 4,000 jobs in Colombia.

At Trinity Capital International (TCI) we are proud to belong to Niagara. In this region, we started our operation, and from here, we led investments in different parts of the country and the world. Today we have investments in companies based in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Our corporate governance has established clear investment criteria focused on different strategic economic sectors, identified by our Investment Committee as those with the greatest potential for growth and scaling.

Family Values

Our business values ​​are the same that we promote within our family. From Trinity Capital International we base our corporate governance, and our investment criteria, on ethics, respect, transparency and accountability. Under these principles, we promote a Permanent Awareness to Opportunities (PAO) culture. We are looking for business ideas with a good perspective on profitability to bring growth and diversification to our portfolio. We seek to establish lasting relationships with our partners, based on trust and mutual respect.

Social Responsability

Trinity Capital International works for Niagara’s welfare. All our investments seek to add value to our community, impacting employment and improving the quality of life of those living in the region. In addition, we carry out specific activities to promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

As part of our social responsibility commitment, we work hand in hand with those providing support to the future Niagara entrepreneurs.  We support specific initiatives from local governments, business incubators and angel investor groups at a regional level, working in pro of future entrepreneurs in the region.

Trinity Capital Community Award

As a way to give back to the community, we have created the Trinity Capital Community Award. This award seeks to recognize and grant with a monetary incentive those businesses located in Niagara, that through innovation and entrepreneurship are impacting our community.

Through an independent committee, integrated by different community actors, we select and recognize the best business ideas. The selection process is based on three principles, which are the same that we apply while making our investment decisions: innovation, related to the contribution made to solve an existing problem or improve the quality of life in our community; sustainability, the capacity to last in time and promotes good practices; and people, the person (s) leading and working on the business.