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In the recent days a group of Ibero-American business leaders that are part of the Business Council Allianz for Ibero-America – well-knowns as CEAPI (Consejo Empresarial Alianza por Iberoamérica) – presented their vision, and shared their ideas in regards to pandemic crisis and the key to elements get through this challenging time.

In the document: “The business sector role in the pandemic time, ideas for the debate”, 50 Latin-American and Spanish business leaders – included the Trinity Capital and Trinity Capital International founder, Omar Gonzalez Pardo, shared their thoughts to recover economies and societies from the COVID-19 effects. The ideas listed below were transcript from the original document. The 11 points are the result of hours of reflection and represent the leaders’ vision about the role that entrepreneurs, governments, and people, should play in the post-pandemicreconstruction. The main idea is to join efforts to shape a strong business ecosystem, capable of creating more job opportunities, and improve social wellness to Ibero-America.

10+1 Ideas Strength

  1. The COVID-19 crisis will be deep and leave many scars. The business sector will play a key role in the post-pandemic reconstruction.
  2. Entrepreneurs have shown leadership and solidarity during the pandemic. Corporations have adapted quickly, and have helped governments and citizens through donations. In some cases, companies have modified their business and production structure, avoiding especial services interruptions. By cutting dividends and investing in their businesses, companies have maintained essential services, and have supported suppliers, most of them small businesses. At the same time, entrepreneurs have contributed to ideas and solutions from business platforms.
  3. The crisis magnitude has created profound changes. A new social pact, where entrepreneurs, citizens, and governments, will be inescapable.
  4. Technological changes, especially digitization and automation, may be accelerated. This new reality will offer challenges and opportunities for business.
  5. The costs of the crisis should be shared, rather than be paid just by a particular segment. Dialogue and trust must be generated to face the pandemic effects.
  6. The international community must support Ibero-America, especially middle-income countries. Latin American nations do not have enough financial room to keep afloat small businesses and families, both, key actors to fight against poverty, and for the post-pandemic reconstruction.
  7. Economic sectors have not been impacted equally by the pandemic. Attending this fact, it is important to consider the sectoral dimension and have a microeconomic approach when creating business support policies.
  8. People first. Companies must support their workers at this juncture. Human capital is a key asset, that is the reason why education and training at the workplace are fundamental to support people in their adaptation process towards the new technological reality. Public-private collaboration is crucial to achieving this goal.
  9. To Latin-America, the crisis will have a deep impact on poverty and inequality due to the high labor informality context. It is necessary to reinforce social policies, reduce informality, and have access to financial sources to implement new actions and policies.
  10. A message of hope is necessary. The business sector and the society in general, citizens and governments, should build a hopeful narrative. The message about the new social pact and concrete plans for social reconstruction should be communicated to all social actors. The businesses and entrepreneurs defense start communicating their social contribution, at creating prosperity, social development, and planet care.
  11. And the last one: more development requires more confidence.


The Business Council Allianz for Ibero-America (CEAPI) is an influential organization founded in 2014 with the goal of strengthening the Ibero-American connection and the business climate. Currently, over 140 Latin-American and Spanish entrepreneurs are part of it. Trinity Capital, by its founder Omar Gonzalez Pardo, is member of CEAPI.

**The 10+1 ideas were transcript from Spanish to English, from the document published ‘El papel del sector privado en tiempos de pandemia: Ideas para el debate’, published by CEAPI

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