Our Startup Portfolio

Meet the companies in our startup portfolio.


Sector(s): Health technology / Medical devices
Location(s): Canada
Website: http://www.brainfx.com

BrainFX is a company focused on researching of digital technology and its application in healthcare equipment. The technology created by BrainFX helps medical care systems to reduce the measurement time of brain function in patients, helping the early detection of neurological dysfunctions, a necessary step for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with this condition.



Sector(s): Marketing / Data management
Location(s): Canada
Website: https://getcaddle.com
Caddle is a platform that monetizes data and helps companies in their commercial and marketing challenges. Through the Caddle App, consumers can conduct surveys, watch videos and share their purchase receipts. In return, they obtain payments and access to discounts in some stores. Through its mobile research platform, Caddle collects data provided by consumers and converts it into valuable information inputs for companies.

Cevnn Payments

Sector(s): Fintech
Location(s): Canada
Website: https://cevnn.com/
Cevnn is a payment processor which easily plugs-in to e-commerce stores. The checkout plugin allows shoppers to connect to their online banking portal to authorize direct payments from their preferred account. Cevnn is an encrypted app that provides fully secure online transactions. Each one of the payments made through Cevnn is secured and guaranteed by the CIDC (Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation)


Sector(s): Heath & Technology
Location(s): Canada
Website: https://cohealthapp.com
CoHealth is a mobile platform that allows health consumers to access the resources they need to manage care while giving health-related organizations a platform to make these resources available. CoHealth was made for the health consumer, providing an easy and convenient experience, enabling better care management and access to resources. The platform helps health-related organizations promote their resources, such as educational content, programs, and services to targeted audiences that require support.

ColdBlock Technologies Inc.

Sector(s): Mining & Technology
Location(s): Canada
Website: http://www.coldblock.ca
ColdBlock Technologies offers an innovative sample digestion technology, ColdBlock Digestion. This versatile, patented technology shortens the sample digestion process to just minutes with reliable and precise results consistently demonstrated across multiple industries and variety types. ColdBlock Digestion is the only sample digestion technology to use focused short-wave infrared radiation and cooling block to shorten sample preparation time, accelerate sample throughput and achieve productivity gains more than current methods.


Sector(s): Fintech
Location(s): Canada, United States of America
Website: https://curexe.com
Curexe helps businesses expand internationally to increase the economic prosperity of their respective countries. Curexe currency exchange App is especially focused on helping businesses and customers buying and selling their products in international markets by providing them access to all currencies, especially the ones that are hard-to-access. At the same time, Curexe provides an easy and economical solution to send and receive money to and from abroad. The platform was born to promote the international expansion of businesses and companies. The Curexe’s service model is based on comfort and the reduction of the high rates that dominate the traditional market of international transactions.


Sector(s): Technology / Health / Sports
Location(s): Australia, United States of America
Website: https://www.elanation.com
Elanation was created to improve children’s lives through sports. The company focuses its technological operations on kid’s and teenagers’ mental and physical health. Through the ETURBO, a sports watch, children can measure their steps, see the time spent on exercise, and compete with other users around the world. Through the Elanation App, users have access to digital content created by professional athletes to learn new skills and share them with their network. In this way, Elanation promotes physical activity and healthy lifestyle through an entertainment tool.

Little Canada

Sector(s): Entertainment / Education
Location(s): Canada
Website: https://www.little-canada.ca
Little Canada is a celebration of Canada and all that makes this country so great. The Little Canada mission is to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity about Canada through a uniquely experience of a vast land with a small-town feel. Through a scale reproduction of the main tourist attractions and references in the country, Little Canada is the most important miniature museum in North America. Located in downtown Toronto, the place offers the opportunity to travel across the country in just 2 hours, learning about Canadian geography, culture, and traditions. Since its launch, in the summer of 2020, Little Canada is emerging as one of the most important attractions in the country.


Sector(s): Fintech
Location(s): Canada, United States of America
Website: https://www.smartpaycheckout.com
SmartPay is a payment processor connecting users with companies’ payment websites and online stores in a very easy and quick way. The SmartPay system allows buyers to connect with their online banking portal and make payments directly from their bank accounts. SmartPay currently serves online buyers and sellers in Canada and the United States.