Trinity Capital International –TCI

We are passionate about accompanying our investments through their transformation, consolidation, growth and exit processes.

Our People

Omar González Pardo

Founder of Trinity Capital, Trinity Capital International, and Trinity Capital Ventures

“We invest in others’ dreams and make them our own and in turn, we succeed together.”

Juan C. González

Investment Committee / Business Director Trinity Capital International

“Transparency and trust builds safety; our corporate governance policy gives stability and sustainability to all of Trinity Capital and its portfolio.”

Ignacio González

Investment Committee / Director Trinity Capital Ventures

“We partner with dynamic companies at the forefront in their industries. We welcome challenges as the main driver of progress.”

Santiago González

Investment Committee / Sales Manager at Grupo Coquecol

“We learn from each experience, good or bad. This philosophy helps us to be more impactful each and every day.”

Gabriel González

Investment Committee / CFO at Grupo Coquecol

“The Permanent Awareness of Opportunities (PAO) is our passion. We are proud to contribute to the development of society and the global community.”

Federico Ochoa Barrera

Investment Committee

“One must never lose the desire for learning”

Ricardo Blanco

Investment Committee / CEO Grupo Coquecol

“We challenge ourselves to innovate and transform, using the right tools and new technologies designed to grow.”

Gonzalo Sanín Posada

Investment Committee

“At Trinity Capital, we adapt to the highly dynamic and unpredictable changes in business, constantly growing in our capacity for change and innovation.”

Martha Lucia Uribe

Investment Committee

“Taking the untraveled road is the only way to find unseen wonders.”

Mauricio Zuluaga

Communications Advisor at Trinity Capital International

“Ideas become blueprint when we are able to communicate them clearly”