Trinity Capital International announces the winner of the Trinity Capital Community Award

On February 6, 2020, Trinity Capital International launched the Trinity Capital Community Award, an award created to recognize entrepreneurs in the region that, through innovation, are impacting our community in a positive way.  

CHZ PLZ – a local catering and food services business located in the heart of Port Dalhousie (St. Catharines) – was selected as the winner. Over 70 Niagara small businesses applied after the announcement made during the State of the City event in partnership with the Great Niagara Chamber of Commerce (GNCC). CHZ PLZ was granted with $5,000, and will receive the Trinity Capital Community trophy. 

“The Trinity Capital Community award is an opportunity to give back to the Niagara Community. It is an invitation to invest in other’s dreams, make them our dreams as well, and succeed together”, says Omar Gonzalez Pardo, President of Trinity Capital International.

The jury, formed by different community actors, highlighted the CHZ PLZ economic and social impact. At the same time, recognized the effort made by its founder, Marissa Hartley, supporting her own community through entrepreneurship.

“The selection process was based on three principles, which are the same that we apply while making our investment decisions: innovation, sustainability, and people. In Trinity Capital International we strongly believe in people as the key factor to succeed”, says Juan Gonzalez, Trinity Capital International Business Director.  

Due to COVID19 and promoting the idea of social distancing, The Trinity Capital Award Ceremony was postponed in March 2020. However, the grant was given to the winner in advance, with the idea of supporting her business during this challenging time.

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